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amazon gift card giveaway winners

December 2018: Shannon C. - United States

August 2018: Kelsey V. - United States

February 2019: Meghan M. - United States

June 2019: Rachel G. - United States

March 2020: Clarissa H. - United States

July 2020: Victoria J.

May 2021: Amy W. - United States

June 2021: Enos N. - Australia

February 2022: Amber T. - United States

September 2022: L.C. - Canada

free book winners

Free Kindle book from mystery author Debbie De Louise: Cassandra D. - United States

Free Kindle book for the 500 Likes Facebook page celebration giveaway: Shawn R. - United States

Winner of their choice of book and format from crime fiction author Kevin G. Chapman:

  • Jen H. - United States
  • Nancie - United States
  • Laura N. - United States
  • Sinda C. - United States
  • Deborah D. - United States
  • Lori P. - United States
  • Terri P. - Canada
  • Anita C. - United States
  • Xia L. - United States
  • Jennifer - Canada

Winner of a four-book set in their choice of format from mystery author Paul Austin Ardoin:

  • Teresa R. - United States
  • Julie P. - United States
  • Lynn B. - United States

Winner of their choice of ebook from the July 2020 Book Fair: Sinda C. - United States

Winner of a three-book crime thriller set in the format of their choice from author Kevin G. Chapman: Jana B. - United States

Winners of the book giveaway by thriller author Kevin G. Chapman (December 2021)

  • Beverly L - audiobook
  • Patricia H - paperback
  • Cheryl N - paperback
  • Richard L - 5 ebook set
  • Carol S - paperback

Winners of their choice of book from author Patricia Loofbourrow (2021):

  • Felicity M.
  • Angela W.
  • Sandie H.
  • Tanya W. - United Kingdom
  • Amy
  • Deberha P. - United States
  • Kristen C. - United States
  • Joy S.
  • Ileana B. - Argentina
  • Jennifer

Winners of the eight-ebook set from author Patricia Loofbourrow (2022):

  • Tim G.
  • Jo A.
  • Malcolm

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