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When a book's launch is 90 days or less in the future, it can go for pre-order via Amazon. These books will release soon!

Suffering from a job loss, an opportunity for a new start leads Gabriel Warner and his ten-year-old daughter Anne to the northern woods of New York state, just before the biggest blizzard in twenty years hits.

Desperate to escape the blizzard when a medical emergency forces them to leave their car behind, they take refuge in an empty steel and glass fortress nestled deep against the backdrop of thick trees and ragged mountain.

Safe for now, they're relieved, until they realize they're trapped inside by a state-of-the-art security system.

Without communication

Without heat or electricity.

Without food or water.

They've escaped the storm, but will they escape the Shelter?



Ring-A-Ding Dead

When Hector and Pamela Jackson checked into the posh Myriad Hotel, they never expected to discover a dead body!

Not the ideal honeymoon ...

The Myriad Mysteries are light-hearted 1920's mysteries set at a fictional hotel in Chicago, Illinois.


Releases April 5, 2019


Women were dying and the press is calling him the birthday killer. My first day on the job left me with two unsolved murders and all the signs point to one killer, but who is he?

I don't want to end up like these women, dead and alone so I try a dating app. Can I let my guard down enough to let someone in when a murderer is on the loose?

Teaming up with Ryan Foxe for an intercity task force, we sort through all the evidence determined to catch this killer.

When a psychic warns us that someone is playing a game with us, Ryan doesn't believe the cosmic is sending us signs. I think she may be the only one who can help us find this killer before he kills again.


Releases January 20, 2019

pre-order advice

why should i pre-order?

  • Preordering lets the author know you're interested in the book! This is particularly important for hardcover and paperback books, which often come with extra costs for the cover, setup, and printing. If you don't pre-order, they may not have the funds to create the book for you. And I've seen more than one author cite poor preorders for their decision not to continue a series.
  • Many authors offer at least one pre-order bonus not available after the book launches.
  • Again, in the case of hardcover and paperback books, if you want them signed, the author has to buy the books from the printer first and have them delivered, which can take several weeks. If you want your book signed and delivered during the launch, you have to pre-order it!
  • If the launch comes close to the holidays, printing, shipping, and delivery times can stretch out even further. Pre-ordering can help ensure that your book is printed, shipped, signed by the author, then shipped to you in time.
  • Many authors offer a special price on their preorders, which goes up after the book launch. You save money by preordering.

release date and pre-order

At this time, ebooks can't be put up for pre-order at Amazon earlier than 90 days before the launch date. It's disappointing for those who read Kindles, but it's out of the author's control.

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