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London based private investigator David Good has been asked by a new client to track down his wife, who has walked out on him with fifty thousand pounds in her handbag and not been seen since. Easy enough, thinks Good, but he’s about to find himself part of a magic show, where more than his sense of humour may be about to disappear.

When a member of Her Majesty’s tax inspectorate with ambitions of her own makes him an unwelcome offer he can’t refuse, things become a whole lot more complicated. And it doesn’t help that he soon finds himself being distracted by the amorous advances of the kind of woman he’d normally think of as being out of his league.

Events then take a sinister turn that leaves Good wondering if he hasn’t been looking in entirely the wrong place and that he might need his very own wand if he’s going to lift the vanishing spell that’s been cast over this case.

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Releases April 14, 2019

Ring-A-Ding Dead

When Hector and Pamela Jackson checked into the posh Myriad Hotel, they never expected to discover a dead body!

Not the ideal honeymoon ...

The Myriad Mysteries are cozy 1920's mysteries set in a fictional hotel in Chicago, Illinois.


Releases April 5, 2019

An opinionated tomboy must navigate the dangers of society, unaware her brother's killer is lurking in her midst.

When her brother's ship sinks off the coast of France, Miss Samantha Hastings surrenders her quiet, country life to manage his affairs. Suddenly thrust into society, Samantha faces an unfamiliar world and the unnerving green eyes of Lord Westwood-her brother's best friend and her new guardian.

Benjamin, Lord Westwood, never intended on following through with his rash promise to act as guardian to Edward's bratty little sister. Upon learning of his best friend's death, Benjamin's intention was to marry her off to the first acceptable suitor. When he finds himself falling for Samantha instead, Benjamin alights upon the perfect plan; a marriage of convenience.

The plan, however, quickly unravels when they discover Edward's disappearance was due to foul play. Now, Samantha is in more danger than either of them realized and Benjamin is running out of time. Can he save the woman he loves or will murder ruin his perfect plan?

If you enjoy the mystery and intrigue of Amanda Quick and Lisa Kleypas, dive into this spellbinding series filled with history, romance, and suspense.


Releases April 2, 2019

Twenty-two years old, and on trial for her life.

Private eye Jacqueline Spadros doesn't know why the Red Dog Gang targeted her, other than that she was forced into the Spadros crime syndicate. But now they've framed her.

Facing an openly hostile city, a District Attorney in the pay of the Red Dog Gang, a rogue Spadros faction vowing to kill her, and an all-male jury, Jacqui faces not only her worst fears but her own addiction. It's going to take everything she has in her to survive.

She wants more than survival. She wants answers. She wants revenge.


Releases March 30, 2019

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  • Preordering lets the author know you're interested in the book! This is particularly important for hardcover, paperback, and audio books, which often come with extra costs for the cover, setup, narration, and printing. If you don't pre-order, they may not have the funds to create the book for you. And I've seen more than one author cite poor preorders for their decision not to continue a series.
  • Many authors offer at least one pre-order bonus not available after the book launches.
  • Again, in the case of hardcover and paperback books, if you want them signed, the author has to buy the books from the printer first and have them delivered, which can take several weeks. If you want your book signed and delivered during the launch, you have to pre-order it!
  • If the launch comes close to the holidays, printing, shipping, and delivery times can stretch out even further. Pre-ordering can help ensure that your book is printed, shipped, signed by the author, then shipped to you in time.
  • Many authors offer a special price on their preorders, which goes up after the book launch. You save money by preordering.

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At this time, ebooks can't be put up for pre-order at Amazon earlier than 90 days before the launch date. It's disappointing for those who read Kindles, but it's out of the author's control.

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