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Medium's Tweet: A Cozy Ghost Mystery (Becky Tibbs: A North Carolina Medium's Mystery Series Book 11)

In the 11th book of this sweet, clean cozy mystery with ghost stories, our sweet Becky Tibbs has a troll!


Someone is stalking her on social media and the things they are saying are NOT kind.

Becky has been so busy with ghost cases, helping friends and family, AND living her new life as a newlywed loving Patrick that she has very little time for any online social networking. She hasn't even kept up with the latest networking websites.

In fact, her friends see the ugly tweets long before Becky knows anything about it. Should they tell her?

Will it do any good to hurt Becky by letting her know a mean and hateful bully is out there trying to cast doubt on her abilities as a medium? Will knowing someone is watching her and report her actions intimidate Becky?


Releases March 30th, 2022

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death takes a detour (outside the circle urban fantasy mystery book 1)

A murder. A mystery. A legacy to uphold.

Abbie Grimshaw’s road to recovery from a traumatic experience takes her on many journeys. On a whim, she stops at St. Michael’s church and runs straight into more danger.

This time, there’s a supernatural complication: she can see—and talk to—the Earl of Ashford. He died in 1816, but death doesn’t stop him from charging Abbie with the safety of two young orphans.

She never imagined life would send her literal demons to battle, but Abbie is a Grimm, like her mother before her. There’s a long legacy of defending the innocent at stake.

If she cannot master child-minding and demon-slaying simultaneously, her own legend will be short-lived.

If you enjoy ghostly tales with a fairy tale flavor, you’ll love this new face on the Grimm scene.


Releases February 8, 2022

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Alice's Anger: A psychological suspense novel (snapped, book 1)

Have you ever wondered why a normally healthy person snaps and does something so out of character that we think their actions are insane? We wonder if they have lost their mind!

This psychological suspense series delves into the theory that sometimes the mental state accumulates over time and sometimes it seems to happen suddenly or out of the blue.

Take a ride on the dark side with someone who simply SNAPS because they can't take it anymore!

Roger and Alice seemed to be the perfect couple. To the outside world, they appeared to have it all - a great marriage filled with romance and exotic vacations, money, and prestige. If one took a closer look, however, they might find that it was a marriage of chastisement.

More books in this series coming soon!


Releases March 1, 2022

Just 99 cents!

More coming soon!

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  • Preordering lets the author know you're interested in the book! This is particularly important for hardcover, paperback, and audio books, which often come with extra costs for the cover, setup, narration, and printing. If you don't pre-order, the author may not have enough money to create the book for you. And I've seen more than one author cite poor preorder sales for their decision not to continue a series.
  • Many authors offer at least one pre-order bonus not available after the book launches.
  • Again, in the case of hardcover and paperback books, if you want them signed, the author has to buy the books from the printer first and have them delivered, which can take several weeks. If you want your book signed and delivered during the launch, you have to pre-order it!
  • If the launch comes close to the holidays, printing, shipping, and delivery times can stretch out even further. Pre-ordering can help ensure that your book is printed, shipped, signed by the author, then shipped to you in time.
  • Many authors offer a special price on their preorders, which goes up after the book launch. You save money by preordering.

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Some retailers restrict preorders to 90 days before launch.

Restrictions may apply to individual authors on Amazon, who may not be allowed to post a pre-order on that retailer.

It's disappointing for those who read Kindles, but it's usually out of the author's control. Please feel free to contact Amazon with any questions or concerns.

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