off the dark ledge

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Our next Book Spotlight is Off the Dark Ledge by Angie Gallion, a psychological thriller ...

off the dark ledge

Who are you when everything you thought you knew was a lie?

Stacy Linde is a wife and mother living in a friendly neighborhood in Northern Florida. She has a wonderful life.

When her mother dies, Stacy’s life is disrupted and spirals swiftly into chaos when she uncovers dark secrets about her origins.

Is Stacy the woman she knows herself to be, raised by loving and kind parents? Or is she hiding within a shell she built to protect herself from her own terrible past? Will her search for answers destroy her life as she knows it today?

When Stacy’s history crashes into her present, she must reconcile with the secrets her mother kept and understand why she kept them . . . or risk losing everything, including her life.

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about the author

Angie Gallion grew up in East Central Illinois and now resides with her husband and their children outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Angie's writings often deal with personal growth through tragedy or trauma. She enjoys exploring complex relationships, often set against the backdrop of addiction or mental illness.

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