Cozy mystery book spotlight:
Ring-a-ding Dead!

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Today's Spotlight is on Ring-A-Ding Dead! - a cozy mystery by Claire Logan.

ring-a-ding dead!
first of a cozy mystery series

Honeymoons can be murder ...

On checking into the posh Myriad Hotel on their honeymoon, Hector and Pamela Jackson discover a dead body behind the front desk!

All the couple wants to do is keep out of the commotion. But another person dies, and they happen to appear at the crime scene. When a third person falls right in front of them, the police begin to wonder why.

Who's responsible for the murders? Why are they happening? Are the couple under suspicion? Where does the little stray dog hanging around the hotel entrance come from? And when are Hector and Pamela finally going to have a proper honeymoon?

The first of The Myriad Mysteries - a mild, fun cozy mystery set in a fictional 1920's Chicago.

No graphic violence, sex, or foul language
No animals are harmed.
The books are diverse in every way and friendly to all of good cheer.

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about the author

Claire Logan has loved reading since she can remember! She also enjoys puzzles, mysteries, intrigue, and history.

Claire Logan grew up in California, went to Chicago for graduate school, and currently lives in Oklahoma.

"I've always wanted to write a series set in Chicago and now here's my chance."

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