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Love our Amazon gift card giveaway? Here are a few tips (at least for Felony Fiction promotions):

Use your real email.

Want to know a secret? Many times, we have a secret prize for those who enter but didn't win the gift card.

Want to know another secret? Obviously fake and throwaway email addresses are deleted, and will not receive any prize at all.

Why? Because:

  • We can't get your prize to you if you don't give us a real email address
  • I want the authors and real readers who are serious about entering the competition to have a real chance at winning
  • I don't want the Felony Fiction email server to get filled with fake email addresses.

Felony Fiction and our authors have zero interest in spamming you! And you're wasting your time by giving a fake email address.

So do yourself a favor! Use your real email address. You might win something.

keep track of when the contest ends.

If you're a winner, we contact you the very next day after the contest ends. If you're out of town without internet access ... or don't answer your email ... well, we can't contact you!

We understand that sometimes things happen. But we also are committed to getting our Amazon gift card prizes to their winners!

So ...

answer your email!

We have this happen all the time: someone wins, and when we email them ... they don't answer.

After 48 hours, we go to the next person!

We hate to do that. But if you don't want the prize ...

... there are tons of people who do.

Don't enter if you don't want the prize. And if you do want the prize, answer your winner's email!

It's that simple.

good luck!

This is a giveaway from the participating Felony Fiction authors to you, our readers!

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